LEA Place Women's Resource Centre


Women's Centres Connect

The Provincial Association of Women's Centres 


Women's Centres Connect, the Nova Scotia Association of Women's Centres, is a strong, supportive, collective feminist voice for all members and provides leadership on women's equality and social policy.  

LEA Place's Executive Director sits as a representative at the Connect table. 


Women's Centres Connect works....

  • to articulate women's concerns to the public and to policy makers;
  • to collaborate as catalysts for social change;
  • to secure stable, adequate funding for Women's Centres;
  • to facilitate coordination and communication among Women's Centres;
  • to offer organizational assistance to groups wishing to develop a Women's Centre in their community. 

Connect Coordinator - Cora Cole, Msc

                Email:  Coordinator@womenconnect.ca 


                Phone:  (902) 222-7447 

                Mail: 503 S. Frederick Street, New Glasgow, NS  B2H 3B3