LEA Place Women's Resource Centre


Core Services Overview

LEA Place serves women and adolescent girls on the eastern part of the Eastern Shore, and parts of the Musquodoboit Valley.  Service may include: 

Support Counselling and Crisis Intervention

Experienced staff, who are knowledgeable about women's lives, issues and situations, provide individualized, confidential support.  This service is a key component of the early intervention, prevention, and long-term support continuum of Centre services.

Advocacy and Accompaniment

For some women, cultural issues, discrimination, fear, intimidation, and unfamiliarity with social service, justice, or health systems are roadblocks to getting the help they need.  LEA Place works on a woman's behalf, and at her request, to move through the challenges presented by these systems to get the answers and help she is seeking.

Information and Referral

LEA Place provides information women require to make informed decisions about how to address issues in their lives.  Staff know the services available, understand the systems women must negotiate, have working relationships with other agencies, and support women in finding the service that will best help them.  LEA Place makes appropriate referrals to assist women in finding the services they need.


LEA Place develops and delivers programs to women and adolescent girls based on the needs identified by their communities.  Program areas include life skills, family and youth, sexual violence prevention and intervention, healthy relationships, health and wellness, economic development and self-sufficiency, legal, housing, and poverty relief.


LEA Place delivers services and programs for women and adolescent girls living in more isolated rural areas.  This allows women and girls isolated by travel, distance and costs to access and benefit from these services.

Community Education

Presentations and workshops are a key prevention, education and public awareness service.  These events may be provided by LEA Place to schools, community colleges, service clubs, professional associations, businesses, church groups and others on request.

Community Development Initiatives

LEA Place engages in community development to ensure that the voices of women and adolescent girls are heard; and to initiate and develop community responses to local, regional, provincial, national, and international issues affecting the equality and well-being of women.

Social Advocacy

LEA Place engages in social advocacy to improve public policy for women and adolescent girls.  Social advocacy includes meeting with government agencies and elected representatives to discuss issues of concern to women.  It also means bringing women's concerns to public light, addressing policy gaps and barriers, and proposing alternative policy solutions.